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Rob serves a multi-purpose role at Ogilvy as Executive Director/Founder of the Content Marketing & Advanced Video Practices, Interactive Marketing Director on select global accounts and account lead. He straddles the confluence of tech, creative and business. Rob launched the world’s first mass-audience interactive TV game show, MTV’s 1999 hit webRIOT, which pioneered “2 screen” iTV. As Executive Producer of Convergence for MTV Networks, Rob put interactivity at the forefront of the VH1, MTV and Nickelodeon brands. He later launched iTV shows on NBC, TBS, History Channel and GSN.

More recently as VP of the digital media operations at Rainbow Media, Rob revitalized the interactive businesses of the AMC, IFC and WE networks by transitioning them from static web sites to dynamic content experiences. Rob initiated Rainbow’s interactive advertising business and opened three e-commerce stores. He also had the pleasure of working on the launch of “Mad Men.”

Executive Director Content Marketing & Advanced Video Practice @ Ogilvy

Video Content Marketing

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