WORKSHOP: Become an Expert in YouTube TrueView Advertising

The teams at Google and YouTube have been beefing up the set of tools for content creators and advertisers lately. More and more companies are looking to take to the digital streets and promote their video assets using the latest TrueView ad units. The enthusiasm is awesome, but there are some things new advertisers need to understand before jumping in.

In the first half of this TrueView Advertising Training Workshop, Manny Rivas will provide both positive benefits and negative aspects of UI features in action, B2B & B2C lead gen, direct response and branding case studies as well as speak on the integration and deprecation of video ads in traditional Adwords campaigns.

Attendees will leave this training with immediately actionable information including:

  • How to execute comprehensive demographic research to advise ad targeting.
  • How to create & when to use video remarketing lists.
  • Which ad units support what KPI’s.
  • How to create big league campaigns in a small time UI.
  • Using Google Analytics to power highly targeted TrueView campaigns

In the second half of this TrueView Advertising Training Workshop, Greg Jarboe will reveal new insights from the latest YouTube research and share new lessons learned from YouTube success stories about how real businesses have successfully used AdWords for video.

This includes:

  • Why didn’t Volvo Trucks top the Ads Leaderboard for Cannes?
  • How did Activa top the 2014 World Cup ads chart?
  • Why did P&G win the 2014 Winter Olympics?
  • How did Microsoft lose the 2014 Super Bowl?
  • Why does Guinness create ads that are really worth spreading?
  • How did Nassau Paradise Island increase website traffic by 33-56%?


Location: Carmel Room Date: July 24, 2014 Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm Greg Jarboe Greg Jarboe jeremy-vest-vidpow Jeremy Vest manny-rivas Manny Rivas
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