WORKSHOP: Advanced YouTube SEO & Audience Development for Marketers

In the early days of YouTube, you could upload a video, do a few things to make sure that it was optimized, then sit back and watch as your video surged to the top of search rankings and gained views.  As YouTube has grown to become the second largest social media site and the second most-used platform for searching, strategies and best practices for success have matured. For 2014 and beyond, ongoing comprehensive strategies need to be developed and followed to ensure maximum success on YouTube and in search.

Join’s own Mark Robertson and Tim Schmoyer (both YouTube Certified in Audience Development), with Matt Ballek, Director of Strategic Distribution at Magnet Media, and Derral Eves (YouTube Certified in Audience Development) – as they dive deep into YouTube marketing best practices, SEO and audience development strategies – all of which, go hand-in-hand.

The workshop will be moderated by Dane Golden of Octoly. Dane is also the presenter of ReelSEO’s TubeTalk podcast, the best podcast source for YouTube marketing tips and tricks.

YouTube Marketing Workshop Overview:

This session will be a hands-on workshop of the core strategies, principles and best practices for building and growing a sustainable YouTube presence and for maximizing the search and marketing potential of your YouTube assets.

Attendees will leave this training with immediately actionable information including:

  • A thorough understanding of what works in YouTube.
  • Strategies, tips, and tricks for optimizing your YouTube presence in search.
  • Ability to turn your audience into advocates for your YT channels.
  • Knowing how to program content that gets results.
  • Tips to use YT analytics to advance your video marketing strategies.
  • The power to convert viewers into valued clients.
  • How to use insights from YouTube analytics to improve your YouTube marketing efforts.

YouTube Workshop Agenda/Outline:

1) The YouTube Platform in 2014 – An overview into what’s changed with YouTube’s platform over the course of the year. We’ll also spend some time here to highlight and discuss how YouTube search works, and what factors are important for SEO in 2014 and beyond.

2) Channel Strategies & Best Practices – YouTube has redesigned with a focus on the new One-Channel design, and for good reason.  Learn why this is a focus and how best to set-up a YouTube channel, and position it for success.

3) Audience and Community Development: Here we will highlight some common mistakes that may be hindering audience growth and we’ll review recommendations for steps that will grow a dedicated community of engaged subscribers and hopefully, brand ambassadors.

4) Content Development and Programming: Learn top programming concepts and innovative strategies – with the goal of developing your ideas for maximum success.

5) Video Uploading and Optimization: Best practices for uploading videos to YouTube, what metadata is important for YouTube and how to structure your titles, descriptions, tags, etc…

6) Analytics, Metrics and Adjustments: We will show you how you can use YouTube Analytics to understand your channel performance and determine which channel optimizations (playlists, thumbnail improvements, etc.) will improve your channel’s viewership, engagement, and watch time the most.

7) Marketing & Conversion: Here we will cover the various ways to attract new viewership, get discovered, shared, etc…  And we will share several unique tips for maximizing conversion from YouTube.

Location: Main Ballroom Date: July 24, 2014 Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm dane-golden Dane Golden derral-eves-headshot Derral Eves Mark Robertson Mark Robertson matt-ballek Matt Ballek Tim Schmoyer Tim Schmoyer
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