Video Production for All Sizes – Methods, Formats, Budgets, Etc. [Panel]

What are your options for producing video content? Should you produce content in-house, hire a videographer on Craigslist, or go the route of a production company or creative agency? A lot of this will depend upon your company’s internal politics and resources. Additionally, your options may change depending upon your budget and/or the type of content you wish to create. There are many options for high-volume production as well as options for producing more custom, high-quality video.

Join uStudio, SoMedia, Dissolve, Salesforce, and Portal A, as they dive-deep into the various production options that are available – discuss details of the video production process, and help guide you as to what options you have based off your budget and desires.

Location: Main Ballroom Date: July 25, 2014 Time: 9:25 am - 10:15 am Ben Pickering SoMedia Ben Pickering Clayton Talmon de l'Armée Clayton Talmon de l’Armée jen-gregono Jen Grogono patrick-lor Patrick Lor Zach-Portrait Zach Blume
Summit: Nikko