Innovative Video Marketing Techniques for E-Commerce Retailers [Presentations]

In this presentation, Liveclicker Co-Founder/CTO, Walt Mann, will explore two innovative video marketing techniques that have the ecommerce industry buzzing. Walt will deep-dive into real-time email client detection and how it is enabling email marketers to send embedded video in email and other real-time content directly to the inbox. Then, he will focus on the latest innovations in e-commerce video analytics including various video metrics such as length of video, AOV, dollars per play and more that help you generate the most ROI from video.

Jessica Thorpe – Senior Vice President of Marketing at ExpoTV and Nic Tan – Creative Director at Organic’s San Francisco office – will share how brands are developing highly persuasive, user-generated product videos to capture, educate and convert potential customers throughout the purchase funnel all while driving ecommerce results.

Location: Monterey Room Date: July 25, 2014 Time: 2:20 pm - 3:10 pm dave-holland Dave Holland jessica-thorpe Jessica Thorpe nic_headshot_sq_bw Nic Tan Walt Mann Walt Mann
Summit: Monterey