WORKSHOP: Branded Video Content Development – Ideation to Creation

An Educational Workshop with Leading Industry Experts

Tim Pries – Executive Producer at Bonfire Labs – together with a team of video production experts will educate attendees on the complexities of video content development and the many moving parts that need to be considered: from ideation, to production, to the final deliverable – as a step by step process through the creation process.

1) Video Content Development Workshop Introduction

Providing an initial view of the client experience at the onset of engagement, highlighting the importance of the Client Brief, Identifying Client Needs and understanding the client’s objectives.

Tim Pries, Executive Producer, Bonfire Labs

2) The Creative Process at Work (Creative/Strategy/Ideation)

Interpreting a Client Brief and translating it into a Creative Approach and Creative Brief

John Stewart, Sr. Creative Director, Bonfire Labs

3) Transition to Production (EP/Director/Line Producer/Creative Tech)

Breaking down the Creative Brief/Script, and estimating & creating it’s visual translation to the screen. The EP, Director, Line Producer and Creative Tech all contribute the conception of its overall production

4) Post-Production Apps: Adding Creativity in Post (Producer/Creative/Editor/Animation)

Once the piece is shot, assuming it’s live action, the project then lands in the laps of Post Production which consists of but not limited to: editorial, motion graphics, animation and visual effects.

5) Getting the Audio Right (VO / Sound Design / Music / Mix)

Audio is an integral part to the spot, ranging from VO record, Sound Design, Music (stock, custom stock, composed) and Mix. Often times this is a rushed aspect of the process, yet it is one of the key components that drives the piece.

6) Finishing the Work (Online/Finish/Color-Correction)

The process of finishing for the web or for broadcast varies, yet there are still certain steps to be made to prepare and enhance the final spot for “air.”

7) The Importance of Business Affairs in Your Process

Working with the team to evaluate rights, legal, acquisitions, contracts, negotiations and intellectual property. Union and Non-Union talent payments, etc.

Julie Petruzo, Senior Business Affairs Manager, GSP/Google