Closing Keynote: Is Your Company’s Culture Killing your Video Marketing Potential?

Peter Drucker once said “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Learn how to avoid cultural pitfalls that are holding you, your team and your company back from reaching your full video marketing potential.

Here are the three biggest roadblocks to video marketing success that you are likely struggling with within your company’s culture:

  1. I want everyone to see it, make it viral baby!” – A complete disregard for audience targeting and segmentation is likely forcing you to create content that “speaks to everyone” which ultimately leads to content that effectively engages no one.
  2. More views, more likes” – Vanity metrics are often a direct result of roadblock #1 and are likely keeping you away from quality content to meet the overwhelming needs for more video. Less is truly more in today’s attention-deprived digital world.
  3. Make sure they fully understand the value we’re offering” – Focusing on your company’s offerings, regardless of how revolutionary your benefits may be, is a sure shot method for isolating your audience. Aren’t you already spending too much time thinking about yourself? Let’s try focusing on the customer now.

What’s worse is some of your company’s worst offenders may be high up the management chain and you’ll need some help changing their opinion if you truly wish to build a successful video marketing culture.

Join us for a candid conversation and engaging presentation about how you can start this cultural revolution within your company today.

Location: Main Ballroom Date: July 25, 2014 Time: 4:20 pm - 5:00 pm peter-angus-medlock-grainger Peter Angus Medlock Sourabh Kothari Sourabh Kothari
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